Monday, November 7, 2011

Slow and steady wins the the long run.

So, today I had to take a day off from spin and swim. Boo. I won't lie, I was going a little crazy by the end of the school day. I am not used to having that much time on my hands. Spin and swim break up my stressful school days and make them bearable. Today I spent SO. MUCH. TIME. staring at my computer. My swim teacher told me that I could come observe and help teach and still get credit for attending and you had better believe I jumped at the chance.  At 12:50 I slammed my computer down and headed into class. Everyone looked at me crazy when I walked into class fully clothed. (How often can you say that?) To those that asked, I just said that I had minor surgery and left it at that.

It was actually really cool to observe my swim class. Watching everything from above is so different from trying to figure out what is going on when you are in the water. To refer to an earlier post, it is so vital that we slow things down to be able to improve.  Our class is a beginner one, and there were a lot of people in the water who were just going through the motions; kick your feet, move your arms in a circular motion - but that is all they were doing. Their limbs were just moving through the water, not working with the water to move them. They were putting in so much energy and getting back such minimal returns.  If they would concentrate on pulling, on maximizing force, it would be so much easier and they would go so much faster. There is an intermediate class in the pool next to us and their more advanced swimmers were just gliding through the water, making it look SO EASY and moving so much faster than our little pool of beginners. Correct application of effort is the key - not frenzied effort.

Lesson for the day - again?

Don't be afraid to slow down and get it right. It will actually lead to more success in the future.

In other news - even though I had to take a break from my classes - I ran tonight! It has been about a week and it felt so good! My leg was just fine and I am excited to get back on track.

Thankful thought for today:

I live in a BEAUTIFUL area. Today, I am grateful for the Wasatch mountains - especially when I get to run in the canyon. Here is a picture so you can be grateful too. :)

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