Monday, March 5, 2012

Motivation Monday - Make Mistakes! Get Messy!

Life isn't always easy. We don't always make great choices. In fact, sometimes we make really stupid choices. And you know what? I think that is ok. Actually, I think it's awesome. Life is all about learning, and how do we learn? By making mistakes. If you want to do anything well, you must first be willing to do it badly. If you want to learn how to play a musical instrument, speak a language, or run your first marathon - you won't be able to do it over night.  So, you practice and you mess up and you persevere until, eventually, you master a new skill. No one judges you if you just started playing the piano and you can't play Mozart yet, so why do we get so worked up when we make mistakes in our daily lives? Every day is new, every day we face things we have never seen before. If we do our best, that is what matters. If things don't go as planned, well, there is always tomorrow. And you got to learn something new! That will help to make tomorrow better! Two birds! One stone!

Mistakes are awesome. Go out there and get messy! Learn! Live! Experience! Push the limits, learn what you are capable of, try new things, do things that scare you! I think you will surprised at what life has to offer you, and at how much you have to offer life!

This post was inspired by a great article that I found on NPR's website the other day, entitled The Importance of Making Mistakes.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


It's March! I cannot believe it! After March comes April and April is going to be filled with things that I never dreamed would ever happen. For example, as today is March 1st, that means I graduate from GRADUATE SCHOOL in 7 weeks! It also means that my second half marathon is coming up in just 7 little weeks! And, last, but certainly not least, it means that my baby sister is getting married in 8 weeks! (not that I didn't think she would ever get married, but I think it is surreal for anyone when the baby of the family gets married) The countdown is on!

Winter is coming to a close, and while Mother Nature is making a last ditch effort at sprinkling some snow in our direction, I am sorry sister, but it just can't last! Warmer weather is on its way!

March means SO MANY GOOD THINGS! Here are just a few:

For starters, I am headed to Seattle next week for a "Career Trip."  It will be a big kid field trip for school where we will meet with companies that may potentially want to hire us. I wonder if I can track down McDreamy while I am there?

Also, the Hunger Games movie comes out! Please, oh please don't let them ruin it! I have high hopes for this movie and am counting down the days until it is released. It comes out on the 23rd. 23 days. Yes.

And best of all? March is girl scout cookie month! I was a brownie and a junior, and am still a big supporter of the girl scouts. Well, I at least a am a big supporter of the cookie sales ;) That is mostly because I sold cookies from my death bed when I was 7 and I didn't get a patch and I am still broken up over it and am determined to help any little girl that I can to get her cookie selling patch.  (You think I am lying? I'm sure not! I had scarlet fever and sold cookies over the phone, I didn't quite make my numbers and so there was no patch for me. I honestly still get a little sad about it every March.) So, go out and support your local girl scouts and buy some cookies! 

Happy March!