Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I am an auntie again!

Theodore "Teddy" Nathaniel Gibson
5lbs 14oz
19 inches

Congratulations to my baby sister on her beautiful little boy! Being an auntie is the best! I can wait to see him!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013. It's gonna be epic.

This is my first post of the new year! I may be a little bit behind, but I also haven't started any of my resolutions. I figured that since most people only stick with their resolutions for the first 2 or 3 weeks of the year, I just wouldn't start mine until then. That way I will miss the resolution-sucking-vortex that is January...right?

My new year's was great. I have a friend who has friends with a condo up at the North Star Resort in Tahoe. Most of the group hit the slopes while we were there but last minute plans combined with the I-was-unemployed-for-7-months nothing-money that I brought with me, I opted to bum around the village at the resort. There were a few of us who did and we spent two days sitting by the fire, watching little kids ice skate, drinking hot cocoa, walking through the winter wonderland, and hitting up the hot tub and the steam room. 

Can I digress for a second here? I have never been in a steam room. Sauna, sure. Steam room, no. Where has it been all my life?! I fell in love. I also maybe spent a bit too much time in the steam room and not enough time re-hydrating because my run the next morning was an epic disaster. I set my alarm and was up and out of the condo around 6:30. "6:30am the morning after New Year's Eve?!" you say, "Jennica, you are a super human rock star!" I know, I was amazed at me too. I really wanted to start the year off right. I, obviously, had the whole gym to myself, but I felt like I needed water every 30 seconds of my run. It wasn't until the tail end of my pathetically labored 3 miles that it finally dawned on me that all my time in the hot tub and steam room before had drained me of every extra ounce of water my body had in it. While it may have been an idiotic excuse, at least there was an explanation, I was scared for a minute that I had lost my running mojo.

But guess what?! I still have it! And that is very important. Why? Well, I have decided that my major 2013 resolution is that I am going to...

drum roll please...

run a full-freaking-marathon!


My sights are set on the Nike Women's Marathon. It will be in San Francisco in October. I would like to run this marathon for several reasons:

1. You get to run across the Golden Gate Bridge
2. I have 8 months to try to prepare/convince myself that I can do this crazy thing
3. Hot men await you at the finish line to present you with a Tiffany box that has your finisher's necklace tucked inside. Yes.

Bring it on 2013.