Wednesday, November 16, 2011


***disclaimer*** This post is about an injury and I did post a picture - if you get queasy you might want to skip this one.

Saturday morning I woke up ready to run.  I suited up and drove over to Orem to check in for the run. The group for the 10k was pretty small, but I was ok with that. It was overcast, but the rain had stopped and as far as I was concerned, the weather was as perfect as it could be for a November run.

I ended up having some timing chip issues, so I got a late start. After about a mile I felt like I was settling into my groove and was thrilled that I was catching up to the group.  However, this was when we ran through a section of road that was under construction. There was no shoulder on the road. It was just road and then a few inches of mud and rocks and then weeds.  While trying to stay on solid ground, but not get hit by cars, I hugged the edge of the road. The next thing I knew, I caught the lip of the road and my ankle rolled right under me. I hit the ground hard.  I am pretty sure I went into shock for a second, but I knew that I just needed to breathe it out.  People asked if I was alright, and I waved them on. I was convinced that I would just have to sit for a second, then walk it out, and then start running again. I had been on track for my goal time, and I was pretty sure I would be able to make up for lost time. I got up and started walking, then I started to jog. There was no way this was going to happen. I was only 1.5 miles into a 10k. Maybe I could just loop back on the 5k route and at least finish something...

I called my best running buddy, The Blur. I knew that she would understand and that she would give me sound advice. She told me I was crazy and that I needed to get off the course. She was right. It sucked. I hobbled over to one of the race volunteers and he called to race coordinator to come get me. While I was waiting he gave me a first aid kit so I could start cleaning myself off. It wasn't pretty.

However, I was kinda grateful that I got beat up a little more than just my sprained ankle. Battle wounds at least make you look a little bit cooler as you are hobbling off of the course 4.5 miles early.

Even though I didn't get to finish my first official 10k, I decided that this race was still an important part of my progression as a runner.

Here are 3 reasons that this experience proved I am legit (or crazy):

1. The first thing I thought when I saw my knee was, "Thank heaven I didn't wear my new tights! I would have torn a huge hole in them."

2. When people asked if I was ok, I tried to convince them as quickly as I could that I was alright so I wouldn't slow them down and ruin their race time.

3. I tried to run again - and was willing to bow out when it wasn't working. Pushing harder only would have made it worse. That is an important lesson to learn.

I spent the rest of the day resting and icing my ankle. That night my roomie and I got pizza and Magelby's chocolate cake and watched Sherlock Holmes. Injury sucks, but sometimes recovery can by nice. Now I am just going to focus on getting better so I can get back to my training. :|

Thankful thought for the day:

I am VERY grateful for ice packs, ibuprofen, and my ankle brace. Many thanks to the person who invented them!


  1. OMG that looks awful I am so sorry! knock on wood I have never fallen while running but I have rolled my ankle! speedy recovery!

  2. Gracious! Sorry that happened to you - pulling yourself out of the race was the smart thing to do!

  3. it doesn't sound fun! i have to admit, i held up my hand to block the picture as i scrolled by :) but sounds pretty bad and i'm glad you were smart enough to drop out. hope it's healing fast!