Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Running Buddy Part 1

As long as I am running with the gratitude theme this month, I would like to focus a couple of posts on my best running friends. This one is for HRH - yup, she goes by Her Royal Highness. :)

We ran tonight, and as we ran we got to talking about how crazy it is that we have been running for just over year.  Mostly we just had a hard time believing that we had stuck with it! Who are we?! We started last September because HRH's mom was part of an organization putting on a Halloween 5k. We signed up to be supportive and to give ourselves a good kick start to start exercising regularly.  It was HRH's first 5k and my third.  We were slow and steady - and we had a great time! We decided to sign up for another race a month later. It was the American Fork Fleet Feet Turkey Trot. When we got to the race early in the morning on Thanksgiving Day it was 9 degrees. 9 degrees! I think that if you are willing to run in weather that cold, you are legit. There is not turning back. You are a runner. We were runners! It was such a thrill to be out there in the freezing weather at dawn on a day that I have traditionally slept all I could only to wake up to help cook, set the table, and then eat my weight in turkey and stuffing.

There were several hundred people running. That was one of the first times that I got a really good taste of just how incredible the camaraderie of the running community is - and how great it is have your friends be a part of that community. We are all set to run the Turkey Trot again this year, and this time we are bringing a lot more people with us. I LOVE being able to share this with others. That is one of the reasons I am so grateful for HRH: it is cool to grow as a runner, to get better, stronger, and healthier - but it is even cooler to develop deeper friendships and to watch those you love grow too.

It is also awesome to run with HRH because she brings her phone and we listen to the Justin Bieber station on Pandora. She is hilarious and witty, and is also willing to give me free therapy when I need it  - those runs are beneficial in about a million ways ;) She is our safety police, always making sure we run in safe places, and never alone in the dark. She motivates me on days when I don't want to go and is always supportive of my crazy endeavors.

Thanks for sticking with me HRH!

Who is your running buddy and why are you grateful for them?

Have you ever run in a Turkey Trot?

Thankful thought for today:

This one is pretty obvious - HRH, my thankful though for today is YOU!


  1. Love this! Love you! Love her! Love it all!

    Also, I did a Cold Turkey Trot as my first 5k and it was 14 degrees. I feel your pain!


  2. I remember your epic 5K at Megan's mom's work! (There were many much possessive nouns in that sentence.) I loved cheering you on! What a good day!