Friday, November 11, 2011


Today was a little rough. At noon I decided to hit the reset button on my day. I took a bath, got ready for the day - again - and headed into work. It was actually pretty magical how well that worked. I put in a few hours at work and then went to dinner with my dear friend Hali.We used to work together at UVU. It was SO GOOD to see her. She is also almost done with her graduate degree and is a total rock star. And the greatest news?  She is  seriously considering training for the Salt Lake Half Marathon so she can run with my in April! YAY!

Speaking of half marathons - I am going to run my first official 10k tomorrow so I can send the time to Disney and not have to start at the very back of the pack in January. I don't think that my time will be stellar, but I am just looking to be respectable. I'm shooting for 10 -10:30 minute miles. I think I can do it. :)

Thankful thought for the day:

I am thankful for super epic 11.11.11 wishes at 11:11:11pm. This one had better come true!

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