Thursday, June 14, 2012


I am stealing today's post from the Ragnar blog. It is a recent blog post from a woman who ran the Cape Cod Ragnar in May. I think it sums up perfectly why I keep signing up for crazy things like this...
As the story goes...I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and marched off, admittedly feeling a little unprepared.  But...I realized something about this race...
What Ragnar has done for me is remind me that life is about going even when you're tired ("Wake up! Meagan is on her way! GOOOOO!), pushing even when you're unprepared, and about just doing it when you don't feel ready, knowing that you'll figure it out along the way. Even with the hose water, beer lines, and other snafus, Ragnar has really become a metaphor for the way life works.
It's a reminder that even when you have no idea what lies ahead, even when you're unsure if you're going the right way at all, there's only one thing to do: keep going. It's a reminder that there are often long, dark, scary roads with no lights ahead of us and no lights behind us, so this is when we run like hell for our lives. It's a reminder that sometimes in life your friends can cheer from the sidelines, sometimes they can cheer alongside you, sometimes they can jump in and even pull you along because you're hurting or doubting yourself and they can reassure you. Sometimes, though,  you just have to go it alone, but they'll be at the end waiting for you. Sometimes, no one is there and you have to figure it out for yourself.
Ragnar is a reminder that when you feel like life is all uphill and you're ready to quit the climb, that just over the horizon is the finish line. 
Here we go!
2 Vans
12 Runners
30 Some-odd hours
197 Miles
1 Heck of a good time!
Wish me luck!

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