Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pee Pee Hide-N-Go-Seek Christmas Eve!

RAGNAR is in two days. Two days! I have that nervous-excited-pee-pee-hide-n-go-seek feeling and the kid on Christmas Eve I-can't-sleep-cause-Santa-is-coming feeling all at the same time!

I have already started packing and I keep checking the weather incessantly to make sure things stay clear and are not too hot while we are on the course (looks like it will be sunny and clear with a high of 82). I have also been making a mental note of all the things I have to do before tomorrow night to make sure I am ready to go. The list is as follows:

Make a playlist for my 8 miler
Find my stupid ipod armband that has been missing for 2 weeks
Make some homemade granola bars
Pull out my sleeping bag
Get some cash for food and a RAGNAR hoodie!
Wash every piece of running clothing that I own
Yoga it up and foam roll to loosen my crazy tight legs
Charge my Garmin
Eat some more macaroni and cheese (hooray for carb loading!)

Am I missing anything? Probably. Luckily, all I really need is my running shoes, right?

Well, ready or not, here I come!

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