Friday, June 22, 2012

Gelato and Phoenix! TGIF!

My blessed roommate has spent a fair amount of time in Italy. One of the greatest things that came out of her sojourns there is the Italian Bible of cook books. That means gelato recipes! Serious, genuine, Italian gelato recipes.  My mom is out of town in Boston this week, so her ice cream maker has found a very comfortable temporary home and is currently brewing some chocolate gelato. Could this day get any better?

Our gelato looks ALMOST exactly like this.

Why yes, yes it could! I logged onto facebook about an hour ago and a good friend of mine was looking to be rid of some United Air buddy passes that expire at the end of the month. If someone could travel and return by the stroke of midnight on Jun 30th, then discounted air travel was up for grabs!

I am a lady of leisure! I can travel whenever I please! I have people that I need to see! I am going to Arizona next week! I will be poolside before I know it!

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