Monday, August 27, 2012

Twilight Zone

Today my nephew had his first day of first grade. His first day of school was last week, but that was in kindergarten. After much consideration, his parents decided on Friday that he would skip kindergarten and move onto big kid school.

I was a little worried about my sister sending her last child to school, so last week I went to join her for a group aerobics/circuit training class that some ladies in her neighborhood hold at the local church building.  We got there and the class had been canceled. We went for a run instead. Kindergarten is only half day, so not long after we got back from the run, it was time to pick up my nephew. He was so adorable. I just love seeing all of the little kids whose backpacks are bigger than they are!

Anyway, with today being a bigger day (the first day my nephew would be away ALL day), I headed back out to Eagle Mountain to support my sis. Today the class was Zumba. ZUMBA I tell you! I have been evading invitations to Zumba classes for years. I am no dancer. When I did theater in high school I was always the girl who turned the wrong way in musical numbers. Today was no exception to my long history of mortifying attempts to get me to dance. I think that I shot my sister dirty looks for the first 30 minutes of class. She just laughed, like I knew she would. I kept trying, and by the end, I ALMOST felt like I might live through the experience. Heaven only knows if I will ever have the courage to try again.

I think that one of the strangest things about the class was not actually my inability to find any type of rhythm, but the fact that halfway through class I realized that I had crossed over into the Twilight Zone. I was officially in housewife/stay-at-home-mom territory. It was a magical place where you send your kids to school, go to Zumba, run some errands, go to Costco for samples, paint some bookshelves, go out for froyo, and get back in time to meet your kids at the bus stop. Is this stuff for real?

Did you ever see that 30 Rock episode were Tina Fey hangs out with the housewives in their perfect lives and then discovers that they actually have a fight club? I felt like maybe that was what was happening. Either way, I think unemployment is starting to do strange things to me...

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