Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today we had our second 500m swim test in my beginners swim class.  Although my last test was good enough to get me in the top lane, I am the only person in my lane who doesn't work out at 100% of the time at top speed.  I think that this will probably make me a better swimmer in the long run, but I wasn't sure how far it would but me behind in our swim test. :| That made me a little nervous. I was also a little worried because today was also the first day that SPIN seriously kicked my trash. I didn't know how much I had left to give! But still, I gave it my all and...I beat my last swim time by a whole minute! BAM! Look who's improving! I felt pretty darn good about that. It will be a tough act to follow come the end of the semester, but it is always good to know that your hard work is paying off.

Speaking of work paying off, I got to apply some of my smartypants grad school knowledge to real life today.  My good friend is studying to get her PhD in North Carolina but it coming out for a visit next week when she presents at a smartypants symposium out here in Provo. Her presentation is based on social media, leisure, and the family.  Because I took an awesome-sauce communications class last year, I got to help her create a power point that is going to knock the socks off of everyone who comes to her presentation. We did a social media theme that relied heavily on the facebook layout. It is fairly incredible.

Again, it was really wonderful to take a minute and to see how far I have come.  It is comforting to see that I  really am learning things in school.  Grad school is kinda killing me right now, but!  I just need to remember to keep looking back to see how far I have come.  It is worth it, step by tiny little step!

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  1. It is truly the most amazing PowerPoint I have ever seen. In my life. Ever. Anywhere. :) You are a rockstar, and you are going to kick my butt when we go run in Provo TOMORROW!! P.S., I really am going to have to do a long run whilst in are welcome to join me for as many miles as you want, I will need the support! So excited!