Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Hills Were Alive!

 I will never think of the Sound of Music the same way again. We had a great time. The theater was in the Castro district, so the show was packed full of girls who had always wanted to grow up to be Julie Andrews and packed full of boys who had also always wanted to grow up to be Julie Andrews. We sang at the top of our lungs, booed and hissed at the Baroness and at the nazis, laughed at well, pretty much everything, and cheered madly when the Captain and Maria finally kissed. We even got two little pieces of edelweiss to wave during the song. I really loved it when the nazis were looking for the Von Trapps in the abbey and several people pulled out flashlights to aid in the search.  It was hilarious. 

I drove up with two girls from the ward and we met up with about 10 other people from the ward. We didn't stick with them for long however, and the three of us ended up sitting by ourselves because the drunkies in front of us were a little out of control and kept making jokes that they thought were funny, but they really weren't. Overall, we had a simply marvelous time!

This morning I went to the Oakland Temple. It is so nice having a place to go anywhere in the world that feels like home. The icing on that cake is that the nativity was all set up.  I remember driving up to see the Christmas lights at the temple when I was a kid. It is funny to go back as a grown up. I cannot believe that it is already December! My how time flies. But I am kind of counting on that right now. Things are getting better, but I am looking forward to life in a few weeks when I am a little more settled in and feeling more at home. Until then, here's to the holidays!  


  1. Jennica! I can't tell you how excited I am that you hung out with my Denisey pants. I hope you guys really do become best buddies, and that she takes you under her wing. Hope you settle well. Utah misses you (and so do I)!

    1. KITTENS! I love Denisey pants. I can't say enough good things about her. You have good taste in friends. Thanks for sharing them with me!