Thursday, December 27, 2012

So surreal.

Merry it was Christmas! I will post about my jolly holiday soon, but first I wanted to brag about today's weather! I met up with my dear friend Janhavi for lunch today. We spent the better part of our childhood together and haven't seen each other in  at least 6 years, and it had been even longer before that.  It was so good to catch up. It has been wonderful catching up with old friends, they have all grown to be the most amazing women. After lunch we went to get cupcakes and ate them outside. Outside. Folks, it is the 27th of December and the sun was shining bright!  I think moving here was not a bad idea.

In running news, my brother got here this week and I took him  out with me for a run last night. He hasn't been out running in a long time and I am pretty sure the run was a bit brutal for him, but it just made me exited for him. While it is certainly difficult, I love the initial feeling of conquering the run. I love when you are first starting out and you feel stronger every day, each run is a milestone and every step takes you further than you have ever gone before.

It was also just nice to have a running buddy. Hopefully he is as exited about this as I am!

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