Tuesday, September 25, 2012

From My Phone!

Oh. My. Gosh. This is magical. I am posting  from my phone. I know that this is probably boring news to some of you, but I am totally blown away by how cool this is.
Two years ago, I gave up my smart phone for grad school. After graduation, I started dreaming of unlimited data plans and finally being cool enough to pull out my phone and post pictures to instagram like everyone else. Of course, unemployment struck and my grown-up phone wishes ended up further and further out of my reach.
Then, a miracle happened. I traveled with my dad and over the course other trip he noticed just how ghetto my phone was. He also remembered that he had an extra phone lying around that was on his plan, being paid for, and no one was using it.
Being the selfless and unemployed daughter that I am, I volunteered to help him out with that dilemma. A few days later, my phone came in the mail. My smarty-pants phone.
Now I can take pictures of my food and apply a retro filter and post it to instagram! Woot!
And of course, I can post to my awesome blog. Stay tuned for awesomeness. Pictures of food, my shoes, and artsy things I see in my days are coming your way!

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