Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nutrition is not a bad idea

I woke up this morning and the first thing I had planned to do was to head out for my long run. I finished half a power bar and half a piece of peanut butter toast for some quick fuel and then I looked out the window. It had snowed. I suddenly didn't feel quite so inclined to lace up my shoes and get out in the thick of it. Honestly, my biggest worry was ice. As I live in Utah, I figured that everything would melt if I just waited a bit, but I ended up waiting about 3 hours. Between homework and chatting with my roommates, it just took a little longer than I thought to get out the door. 

I left and started out slow, not wanting to burn out at the beginning of my run. But that slow start lead to a slow middle, and a slow end. I simply had no energy to move any faster than my painfully slow pace.  I didn't get it, I got plenty of sleep last night, and I had eaten so healthy yesterday. Then it dawned on me, I had eaten practically nothing this morning. I have still been getting over a cold and my appetite has been the last thing to come back. So, after waiting so long to start my run, I simply hadn't realized that I would be running on an empty tank! 

I powered through the run, and finished my mileage, but it was a poor excuse for a run. More like a 7 mile slow jog. Oh well. I think that sometimes we take our bodies for granted. We forget that we need to treat them well and give them a little respect for all that they do for us - especially when we are asking them to go on long runs on Saturday mornings! It is vital that we stay well hydrated and well fueled. Lesson learned. Again :)

I will tell you this, I spent most of the rest of the day pampering myself. I had to try to make up that morning to me, right? What is your favorite thing to do to be nice to yourself? 

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  1. Good job on the 7-miles. Pace isn't as important as just getting out there and doing it. I like to schedule a massage as a nice treat for myself at least once a month.