Monday, January 16, 2012

Post Race Blues

It  has been an interesting week since I got back from Florida.  My left calf muscle often gets all tight after a long run and this half marathon was no exception, so I have been trying to give it some extra time to heal before I start back into training. This means less exercise, and I will that you that Jennica + less exercise = not my happiest self.

These blues may also have something to do with the fact that I got home at 12:30am Sunday and was in class at 7:00am Monday morning to start my last semester of grad school. There was no time to recoup! (Thank goodness for Civil Rights Day today!) It really was rough starting back full force into my last semester EVER of school without even a moment to breathe. That led to a whirlwind week of  catching up on classes, less than optimal eating, last minute class schedule changes, and trying to figure out how to function at 6:00am on a daily basis when I may have spent my entire Christmas break sleeping in :) (You see, the end of school is exciting, but also slightly immensely overwhelming, as I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my life).

Anyway, I did go to spin class 4 times (and I LOVE IT) and had a good swim on Saturday, but I am really looking forward to getting out and hitting the pavement again and settling back into a good training schedule. My next half is in April and I am pretty stoked!

Until then, I will settle into this heavenly box of Godiva truffles. My dad's boyfriend sent me this glorious treat as a post-race glycogen replacement. I thought it was so thoughtful! I have the greatest fans ever. For now, I can rest assured knowing that I am well taken care of.

Have you ever faced post-race blues?

What do you do to beat them?

Or are you just one of those amazing people who can embrace the break and then come back with a vengeance?

Im still trying to work that one out...


  1. Oh wow. Once I saw that Godiva chocolate, I have completely forgotten what you had written previously. :)

    That was awfully sweet of your bf's dad to send you some post-race goodies.

  2. I just got back on my "running wagon" - I just had to remind myself that some running or jogging was better than nothing. Hope you are feeling better and that school isn't too painful. Can't believe you are SO CLOSE!