Monday, March 5, 2012

Motivation Monday - Make Mistakes! Get Messy!

Life isn't always easy. We don't always make great choices. In fact, sometimes we make really stupid choices. And you know what? I think that is ok. Actually, I think it's awesome. Life is all about learning, and how do we learn? By making mistakes. If you want to do anything well, you must first be willing to do it badly. If you want to learn how to play a musical instrument, speak a language, or run your first marathon - you won't be able to do it over night.  So, you practice and you mess up and you persevere until, eventually, you master a new skill. No one judges you if you just started playing the piano and you can't play Mozart yet, so why do we get so worked up when we make mistakes in our daily lives? Every day is new, every day we face things we have never seen before. If we do our best, that is what matters. If things don't go as planned, well, there is always tomorrow. And you got to learn something new! That will help to make tomorrow better! Two birds! One stone!

Mistakes are awesome. Go out there and get messy! Learn! Live! Experience! Push the limits, learn what you are capable of, try new things, do things that scare you! I think you will surprised at what life has to offer you, and at how much you have to offer life!

This post was inspired by a great article that I found on NPR's website the other day, entitled The Importance of Making Mistakes.

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